Geomembranes Market Growth up to 2020, Research Reports

Geomembranes are very low permeability synthetic membrane liners or barriers used with any geotechnical engineering. Geomembranes are made from the impregnation of geotextiles with asphalt, elastomers or multilayered bitumen geocomposites. Major materials used for manufacturing geomembranes are EPDM, PP, HDPE, LDPE and PVC. Geosynthetic membranes are typically used for reinforcement. They are permeable fabrics made of natural or synthetic sources which perform various functions such as separation, filtration and reinforcement among others. They are commonly used in construction of roads, drainage sub-systems, to control erosion, to reduce land sliding and promote vegetation growth.

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Geomembranes market is expected to grow substantially within the forecast period as geomembranes are being increasingly used for road construction activities as a result of the growing awareness of the benefits they offer. They are used as a part of the foundation in asphalt layovers, as they help in strengthening weak soil by holding it together, resulting in increased life span of roads. Repair and replacement of roadways and railways and other infrastructure activities are increasing across countries such as Europe on account of the initiation of the New Road Construction Concepts (NR2C) innovation projects of Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) supported by the European Commission. This in turn is expected to boost the demand for geomembranes in this region over the next few years. They are also being used in building and maintenance of a wide network of bridges present in this region. Thus, highly developed infrastructure and its maintenance are expected to act as the driving forces for the market. Furthermore, environmental awareness by promoting vegetation growth in this region would fuel the demand over the next few years.

Additionally, geomembranes used for drainage acts as a permeable separator that allows water to pass into the drainage system seamlessly. Owing to such advantageous parameters the demand for geomembranes for drainage applications is expected to grow exponentially in the near future. Geomembrane liners are being largely used in landfills due to their low hydraulic conductivity which results in lower rate of seepage out of the landfill. The increasing need for landfills along with reduced contamination of surroundings has resulted in an escalating demand for geomembranes. Moreover, mining applications are expected to open new avenues in the near future.

There is a growing demand for geomembranes in Asia Pacific due to heavy infrastructural development in this region. In addition, innovation in geomembranes for drainage sub-system applications is further expected to aid in the growth of the market. The demand in Asia Pacific is followed by Europe on account of the increasing roadways and infrastructural activities in countries like Germany and France. Demand for geomembranes is expected to be steady in North America as it is a mature market and less construction activities are anticipated to be undertaken in this region within the forecast period owing to dipped economic conditions of the nations in the region. However, owing to the presence of numerous water bodies in this region, geomembranes are being increasingly used to curb erosion problems. Rising number of experiments undertaken by various regulatory bodies is expected to augment the demand for this fabric in the near future. Rest of the World (RoW) is undertaking heavy transport and roadways projects, which is expected to be a primary factor driving the demand for geomembranes in this region.

Some of the key players in the geomembranes market are Agru America Inc, Carthage Mills, Colorado Lining International, Inc., Juta A.S, Nilex Inc, Officine Maccaferri among others.

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