Bentonite Market Segment Forecast upto 2019, Research Reports

Bentonite also called as montmorillonite is a clay which has ability to produce electrical charge upon being hydrated. Bentonite is recognized for its capability to soak up and eradicate toxins, impurities, heavy meats and chemicals. Bentonite is used in variety of foods such as yogurts and candy. Smoothness of yogurt is created by bentonite. Bentonite is also used in manufacture of medicines due to its good water holding capabilities. Bentonite is used as bonding material in metal casting industry. Bentonite can also be mixed with clay and sand to be used in ceramics and buildings industry. Small volume of bentonite is also used as bleaching agent.

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Bentonite is gaining popularity among the end users in recent years as external and internal cleanser. Major growth driver for bentonite market is strong demand from food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, surfactants industry. Large volume of bentonite has been used in the manufacture of rubber tire production, sprays, and cleansers due to its bonding ability. Conventionally it has been used as a mud constituent for oil- and water- well drilling. Its major functionality is to close borehole walls, to eradicate drill cuttings and to grease cutting head. One of the major factors restraining the growth of bentonite market is that it cannot prevent swelling and hydration formation. Treated bentonite does not properly exhibit plasticity property due to low amount of montmorillonite in bentonite.

Asia Pacific is the largest consumer of bentonite followed by North America, and Europe. Application wise Bentonite largely used for drilling fluids. Key manufactures of bentonite are AMCOL International, VOLCLAY International, Wyo-Ben Inc, Alfa Aesar, Kemira US, Cimbar, Charles B. Chrystal Co. Inc, Amsyn Inc., Midpoint Chemicals Company.

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