Global Rigless Intervention Systems Market Segment Forecasts up to 2020

A rapidly growing oil and gas exploration and production industry is likely to be one of the major drivers for Rigless intervention systems. These Rigless intervention systems encompass services such as coiled tubing, wireline and hydraulic workover. The speciality of Rigless intervention systems is that they do not require any conventional workover rig to be used. Additionally these Rigless intervention systems are capable of performing downhole activities in wells that are currently producing. Mostly, Rigless intervention systems are used for carrying out remedial activities on producing oil wells. These intervention activities are carried out to either restore production to original levels or to increase the level of production. One of the major application areas of Rigless Intervention Systems is in the pre-installation of conductors. These are generally required in wellsite preparation activities.

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Rigless Intervention Systems are being used to install multiple conductors before the actual drilling rig is brought to the site. Since the per day rent of a rig is significantly high, these Rigless Intervention Systems are valued as they are capable of saving almost 20 days of a rigs time. Apart from pre-installation of conductors, these Rigless Intervention Systems can also be utilized for workover activities. These systems are especially useful for workovers in tension leg platforms and spar platforms where weight is a major concern. The Rigless Intervention Systems is also utilized for a variety of other functions such as pulling tubing strings and in production risers. These Rigless Intervention Systems have numerous advantages over conventional workover rig methods and casing jacks. The Rigless Intervention System improves efficiency, generates higher cost savings, guarantees more safety and improves the response time to a large extent.

Generally these Rigless Intervention Systems come in modular designs which allow them to be erected briskly without much cutting and welding activities required. These systems can also be easily transported and installed on site without requiring support from a derrick barge. These Rigless Intervention Systems also come equipped with large work areas which enhance safety. Rigless Intervention Systems are gradually finding increasing applications in subsea environments. They are especially being used for well abandonments. The Rigless Intervention Systems market can broadly be segmented as offshore and onshore. With exploration activities moving from shallow to ultra deepwater environments, the costs of rigs are increasing exponentially. The demand for Rigless Intervention Systems is likely to increase significantly in the future, especially in offshore environments. In terms of applications, Rigless Intervention Systems can be segmented as pre installation services, abandonment services and wireline services. As a large number of existing oil producing wells are gradually drying up, an increasing demand for abandonment services are likely to be required in the future.

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